Price list

Fun dive, coral reefs and walls * Php 1,650.-
Dive package Fun dives, coral reefs and walls ( 2 dives ) * Php 2,950.-
Other remote locations, ( 2 dives ) transportation by car * Php 3,900.-
Boat dives day trip (2 dives), price includes, diving equipment, dive guide, fees. * Php 3,600,-
Night Dive, dive torch included in a price * Php 1,950.-
* Prices including equipment and Environmental Fee  

Try Scuba Diving for the 1st time and discover under water world Php 3,500
Scuba Skills Update
Refresh your knowledge and skills, incl. 2 dives
Php 4,990
Recreational Diving Courses, Online course registration, reading materials in a language you choose, no additional costs  
Scuba Diver Course (SD) Php 12,900
SSI Open Water Diver Course (OWD), 3 days, pool skills development & 4 open water dives Php 19,500
Diving Speciality Courses, (Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Search &     Recovery, Waves &T ides, … ) incl. 2 dives Php 6,700
Specialty Diver Course, Deep Diver, incl 3 dives with stage tank Php    9,990
Diving Specialty Course Night Diver, incl. 2 dives Php    7,600
Specialty Diver, 2 chosen Speciality Courses discounted by 10% Php  0,000
Advance Diver Adventurer  Php  16,500
SSI Advance Diver, 4 chosen Specialties discounted by 15% Php  0,000
React Right (First Aid+ O2 Provider), 1 day Php    8,950
Stress & Rescue Diver Course Php  19,900
Dive Guide  Php  39,900
Divemaster (Science of Diving ) Php  13,000

* Professional diving courses,  AI, OWI, X-OVER. Contact us for requirements and prices.
* Technical diving courses. Contact us for requirements and prices.

Optional diving equipment rental (per day)  
Diving Computer Php 300
Diving torch, flash light Php 300
Snorkeling Equipment Rental (per day)  
pck. mask, snorkel, fins, boots Php 300
fins, boots Php 200
mask, snorkel Php 150
shorty Php 150